We are now in our fortieth year and we have never been stronger

We stand on the shoulders of the Municipality of Odense and the Filmtalent Foundation, and have a strong local, national and international network of partners.


Odense Film Workshop is supported by the Municipality of Odense and the Filmtalent Foundation which is a partnership between the Film Workshop in Copenhagen, The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Aarhus Film Workshop and Odense Film Workshop.

We recruit, develop skills, and introduce the talent to the industry – both the experienced and the unexperienced talent. We focus on creativity, craftmanship, and a great story, and provide the arena for self education and learning by doing through coaching, feedback, funding, and professional production facilities.

We are also open to the wide public and curate offbeat and different cultural events in cooperation with our talents and partners.

That is Odense Film Workshop for you – and you can begin today!

Our Vision

We aim to be leaders in developing visual storytellers for the professional industry in cooperation with a strong local, national and international network.


We have a lot of local, national, and international partnerships.
We are always on the look out for new projects in co-operation with others.
Please contact us if you have an idea for a partnership.