Additional Support – Instafilm

Apply for up to 5.000 kr. at Instafilm

If you have production support from Odense Film Workshop you can apply for additional support from Instafilm. 


Instafilm’s additional support is there to support already supported projects from Odense Film Workshop.

Instafilm says: We want to meet new talents and see if we can help them out. The support for up to DKK 5000 is given on the basis of ambition, need, and the will to work with your project. We put emphasis on the fact that the screenplay that you apply with isn’t a final draft.

  • The screenplay can’t be final draft
  • The leading forces on the crew must live on Funen
  • The project must have obtained support from Odense Film Workshop (which kind of support is irrelevant)
  • You must submit the screenplay, director’s statement, and visual material

Application Process

  • Apply for Production Support from Odense Film Workshop
  • If you get a LOC from Odense Film Workshop: Send an e mail to Instafilm along with your script and visual material (e.g. moodboard)
  • Instafilm will process your application and get back to you with a date for a pitch meeting