Apply for support for your next digital visual story

If you are inexperienced or have several productions on your CV, you are always welcome to apply to Odense Film Workshop regarding your next digital visual project. Drop in for a chat. We have a variety of options to get you started.

Pitch Support

The Pitch Support is for both novice and experienced film-makers who want to quickly get going with a simple project. Alternatively, you can apply in order to test out an excerpt from a larger project.

Production Support

Production Support is for those who already have experience with film making and have achieved a basic level that enables them to deliver the project.

Additional Support

This Additional Support can be applied for on a continuous basis if you seek support from another workshop in the Filmtalent partnership.

International co-support

International co-support can be applied for on a continuous basis if you have Production Support from Odense Film Workshop or an international workshop such as one in the Screen Talent Europe partnership.


VFX-support is for the experienced film-maker, who wants to use visual effects in their production. 


Once your film is complete, you need to submit a little differently before your project is finalized and you can seek support from us again.


When you receive funding from Odense Film Workshop, you get access to the use of our facilities and production equipment.

Additional Support – InstaFilm

If you have production support from Odense Film Workshop, you can apply for up to 5.000 kroner from InstaFilm.