Production Support

For the experienced film maker

Production Support is for those who already have experience of film making and who have achieved a basic level that enables them to deliver the project.


  • Deadlines: Mid-February, -May, -August, -November
  • Support: Max. 20.000 DK KR + production eqipment & facilities
  • There has to be at least 30 days from Letter of Commitment to the production phase
  • The application process takes approx. 6 weeks from the application deadline

Offers connected to Production Support

  • Meet & Greet-workshop with the external consultant twice a year
  • Manus Lab – group session with focus on feedback on the screenplay for your project

Application Process

The Application:

  • Applicants submit their application online before deadline. Odense Film Workshop confirms that the application will be sent through to the external consultant.  Alternatively, applicants may recieve a “technical rejection” if the application doesn’t meet the demands of the fund.
  • The consultant of Odense Film Workshop sends the material to the external consultant.
  • The external consultant decides and writes LOC’s (Letter of commitment) and rejections to the applicants.
 Grant Meeting:
  • The consultants of Odense Film Workshop meet with the external consultant in Odense and goes through all the applications, the notes of the external consultant as well as LOC’s and rejections
  • No later than 4 weeks after the application deadline, Odense Film Workshop sends out LOC’s and rejections to the applicants
  • Odense Film Workshop offers to meet with all applicants recieving a rejection within two weeks from the decision.
  • Applicants with a LOC receives a technical/economical elaboration, where they must also upload a production budget and a crew list. Deadline for submission is 1 week. The elaboration represent the foundation for the support given.

Technical/economical elaboration:

  • Applicants with an LOC submit their techinacal/economical elaboration, which decide the amount of support for the given project. The elaboration helps determine how much of the workshop’s ressources the project demands. It also clarifies if the crew, project, workflow, budget and production schedule fits.
  • The processing of the elaboration takes 1 week, whereafter the applicant gets a meeting request through e mail.
  • The meeting request is for either a individual meeting where the grant agreement is signed. At the meeting we will also go through terms, an intention scheme, and workflow.

Application Form

Submit the application form online – it is saved through out. All attachments must be uploaded as a single PDF file at the end of the application form.

NB: The application must be received by 12 noon at the latest on deadline day.

All attachments must be uploaded as a single PDF file at the end of the application form:

  • Treatment or screenplay
  • Moodboard/visual treatment with Story World-description
  • Possibly: A distribution plan

The fund doesn’t support

  • Projects already in production
  • Music Videos
  • Projects granted pitch support

Please note

  • You have to be a Danish resident or have a Danish co-producer to be considered for support
  • You can’t apply more than one workshop per quarter/application round
  • Economical support from Odense Film Workshop can’t be used to cover salaries for crew or rental of camera/lenses from miscellaneous rental companies.


We pay attention to:

  • How the project develops your talent and that the two match
  • The quality of the story
  • That the project contributes to the film environment on Funen – e.g. by:
    • using crew that lives on Funen
    • that the applicant lives on Funen
    • shooting the film on Funen

Download templates

Download templates to help you with your budget or the planning of the production. You’ll also find some guidance on premise and structure regarding the short film format.