The open film workshop of Odense

Odense Film Workshop is open to anyone who needs a creative space, where they can try
their hand at visual storytelling and become proficient in the industry.

Movies & Music at Ryans

Join us for our next screening at Ryans on October 9th, 7 pm.

Masterclass: Editing

Want to know more about how to edit a film? Join us on October 2nd, 7pm.

Manus Lab

Are you writing a script? Would you like feedback in a group session? Join us October 5th, 9.30 am.

Movies & Music at Ryan’s

Be a part of a unique experience when we combine Movies & Music in a concert *slash* screening at Ryans!

How to YouTube

Gain knowledge on how to create the best YouTube-videos with our expert, Felix.

Ofilm Says

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We offer ongoing courses, camps, activities etc. that you can apply for to enhance your skills base. 


If you are inexperienced or have several productions on your CV you are always welcome to apply for support from us.


We arrange film screenings, masterclasses, and cultural experiences in venues around Odense.

New to film

Whether you are inexperienced, have several productions on your CV, or are about to enter the industry, we have much to offer you as a talent. Drop by for a chat!

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