The open film workshop of Odense

Odense Film Workshop is open to anyone who needs a creative space, where they can try
their hand at visual storytelling and become proficient in the industry.

Meet & Greet: Morten Kaufmann

Meet the external consultant for the fall of 2019 at June 19, 4pm.

Deadline: Production Support

Apply our production fund no later than August 19, 12 pm.

Summer Meet Up

Drink a beer with us on June 20, 4pm.

Talent Camp 2019

Do you want a bigger international network of filmmakers? Do you want a week full of master classes and screenings?

We arrange Talent Camps every year. Follow us on Facebook so you never miss out.

Ofilm Says

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We offer ongoing courses, camps, activities etc. that you can apply for to enhance your skills base. 


If you are inexperienced or have several productions on your CV you are always welcome to apply for support from us.


We arrange film screenings, masterclasses, and cultural experiences on venues around Odense.

New to film

Whether you are inexperienced, have several productions on your CV, or are about to enter the industry, we have much to offer you as a talent. Drop by for a chat!

We are Social

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