Ofilm offers

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We have a number of activities that are featured annually, and which involve many film talents, cultural institutions, collaborators and audiences. If you want to take part, we would certainly like to hear from you.

New to Film

Here you will find a menu providing a range of activities and offers that are targeted at the different levels of experience you have in your development as a film-maker.


We arrange everything from film showings to masterclasses to offbeat cultural experiences in venues around Odense and with a variety of collaborators.

Talent Programs

Each year we create and provide a large number of courses aimed at recruiting, skills building and enlightening our talents. Some courses state that you should apply for admission – the application procedure and their schedules will appear here when they are open for registration.

For educators

Story Lab is freely offered to the schools of Odense where we invite them to step out of their normal learning environment and into Odense Film Workshop for an insight into the fantastic world of the short film.