Talent Programs

We have a lot of courses where you can apply for admission

Each year we create and provide a large number of courses aimed at recruiting, skills building and enlightening our talents.

Pure Urban Cultural Battle

Are you a filmmaker, musician, or artist? Do you want to win 7.500 kroner?

The Funen Academy of Art, Kansas City, and Odense Film Workshop encourages actors from these fields to work together and create offbeat productions.

The competition takes place on Pure Festival on the 1st of June 2018. Application deadline on the 1st of April.

As an inspiration to the actors we invite everyone to participate in three talks about how to mix the different fields of art.

Odense Docs

Every year we recruit young people from additional local areas in Odense to produce documentaries on a given theme. Odense Docs focuses on sharpening young people’s critical skills in relation to the documentary’s representation of the real world and on getting young people to talk about themselves and their relationship with the surrounding community.

” How to YouTube” in Filmspace

In Odense Film Workshop you can” Check out YouTube” every Wednesday from 16-18. Here we have a full menu of topics you can engage in, in collaboration with a member of staff from the workshop.

You can, among other things, learn to:
– develop ideas for film and the net, use a camera, sound and lighting, shoot on the Green Screen, edit, create thumbnails and much more.

This course is primarily aimed at young people between 13 -18 and enrolment is not required.