Talent Programs

We have a lot of courses where you can apply for admission

Each year we create and provide a large number of courses aimed at recruiting, skills building and enlightening our talents.

Taskforce 2018

Odense Film Workshop wants to consolidate the future of film production on Funen. We are doing that by training a Taskforce consisting of young people in the areas of scriptwriting, producers, editing/sound, and photo/lighting. The focus on the course is solely on fiction in live action.

Participants will be involved in a number of workshops and practical experiences so that they can attain the high level of Odense Film Workshop’s film production in general and in the long term ensure a strong foundation for the film industry on Funen.

Participants will typically meet three to four times a month. The whole course runs for approximately four months and ends with a film production with support from the Pitch Fund from Odense Film Workshop.

Manus Lab

Manus Lab is a group session facilitated by Odense Film Workshop where we take a sharp look at four different scripts that are all in the development stage for the regular fund. The Lab is therefore typically placed close to the application deadline.

Every participant has read each script beforehand and we spend one hour per project.

Odense Docs

Every year we recruit young people from additional local areas in Odense to produce documentaries on a given theme. Odense Docs focuses on sharpening young people’s critical skills in relation to the documentary’s representation of the real world and on getting young people to talk about themselves and their relationship with the surrounding community.

In the fall of 2018 we focus on the local area of Bolbro. Stay tuned!