About us

We support the talent to be the best version of themselves.

We aim to be a leader in developing the talents of digital, visual storytellers for the professional industry in conjunction with a strong local, national and international network.

Basis & Method

We take advantage of the support of the Municipality of Odense and the Filmtalent Foundation – and we are in a state of continuous development. Here you can read more about our mission and who we are.


Behind the workshop’s employees stands a dedicated board that together provide the experience and skills necessary for the technology, film and television industries, behavioural design, law and much more. Here you can see who they are.


We currently have four dedicated employees in our staff. Learn more about who they are right here, and feel free to contact them within our opening hours if you have any questions.

For educators

As part of our early recruitment, we offer Story Lab to all public school’s in Odense. Learn more here.

Former Projects

We are constanly seeking different sources of funding so that the large projects we dream about can be realized. Here you can read a little more about what we have done with the support received.


We have supported a variety of film projects during the years. Watch some of them right here.