Additional support – Filmtalent

For you who needs additional support from another film workshop in the Filmtalent-cooperation

Additional support is for you who already have funding and need production facilities which can’t be delivered by that same workshop.

Application Demands

Option 1: You have obtained support from Odense Film Workshop and want  additional support from Aarhus, Viborg or Copenhagen

  • Make contact with the CEO of Odense Film Workshop and justify the necessity of production facilities which Odense Film Workshop can’t deliver in the production period of your film.
  • On commitment from Odense Film Workshop: The CEO forwards the application for additional support to the workshop manager of the workshop from which additional support is requested
  • The other workshop then decides if they want to grant additional support
  • In the case of additional support, you will agree on the terms of support with the other workshop. The terms may not conflict with the terms already agreed with Odense Film Workshop


Option 2: You have funding from Aarhus, Viborg, or Copenhagen and want additional support from Odense Film Workshop

  • The workshop that has granted your project support in the first place will make the initial contact with the CEO of Odense Film Workshop
  • If we agree on additional support, we ask you to fill out the application form on this page
  • When you collect your support, you will sign a formal agreement where you commit to credit Odense Film Workshop on your project

Application Form

Submit the application form online – it is saved through out.

NB: The applicant is legally responsible for the additional support and must sign the license agreement in person at Odense Film Workshop before the support is granted.

NB: If your project has been declined earlier on by a workshop in the Filmtalent co-operation, you can’t apply for additional support from the same workshop.