For you who wants to finalize your project.

When your project is complete, there are a number of files you need to submit before your project is finalized and you can apply for support again.

To finalize your project, we need

  • 5 stills from your project in high resolution (no screen shots)
  • 3-5 stills from behind the scenes (no screen shots)
  • 1 still of the director in high resolution
  • A completion form
  • A budget with original receipts (only if you have obtained financial support)
  • Two master copies of your film/project – one with English subtitles and one with out (a guide for upload is in the completion form):
    • Codec: ProRes 422 or 444 / h.264
    • File Ext.: Quicktime/mov
    • Resolution: Preferebly 4K – min. Full HD (1080p)

If you have trouble delivering the project with our preferred requirements, please contact the technician or film consultant.

Completion form

Once your movie is complete, be sure to submit a number of files before your project is finalized with us and you can seek support from us again.

Please note that you, as a part of the completion form, get the oppurtunity to upload a short video/vlog of the director telling about his/her process.


Please note that in the grant agreement you have signed, that Odense Film Workshop’s logo film must precede your film and that no changes may be made to this unless otherwise agreed.

NB: If your project has been supported by both Odense Film Workshop & FilmFyn, you must credit both funds simultaneously. Download the material below. 


Download DFI’s festival guide for short films and read more about what to do, if you want to submit your film to film festivals around the world.