International co-support

For you who already have Production Support or funding from an international workshop.

International co-support is for the experienced film-maker who wants to broaden his international network.

Application Demands

Option 1: You have obtained production support from Odense Film Workshop and want to apply for international co-support in Screen Talent Europe

  • You must have a co-producer from the local area
  • The CEO of Odense Film Workshop will make contact with the international workshop
  • The requested workshop in Screen Talent Europe will decide if they will support the project or not, and further action is decided from here

Option 2: You have international funding and want co-support from Odense Film Workshop

  • Use the application form on this page
  • The applicant must be a local co-producer
  • If you have funding from an international workshop, the CEO of this workshop makes the initial contact before you submit your application
  • Odense Film Workshop will process your application as quickly as possible

Application Form

Submit the application form online – it is saved through out.