Pitch Fund

For you who need funding for a simple project

The Pitch Fund is for both novice and experienced film-makers who want to get going quickly with a simple project. Alternatively, funding can also be sought in order to test out an excerpt from a larger project.


  • Ongoing deadline
  • Support: Max. 2000 DK KR + production eqipment & facilities
  • For fiction projects: Equipment can be booked for a max. duration of 4 days
  • Equipment must be booked at least 10 days before production
  • The application process takes three days

Application Process

  • Applicants submit their application
  • Odense Film Workshop will contact the applicant with a time and date for a pitch meeting.
  • At the pitch meeting: Applicants have 5 minutes to pitch their project – the consultants have 10 mins afterwards to ask questions
  • After the meeting: The consultants decides on whether to give a LOC or rejection straight away
  • If you get an LOC, you must hand in a technical/economical elaboration no later than five days from the pitch meeting.


The Fund doesn’t support

  • Music Videos
  • Projects that only focus on gear instead of development
  • Projects already in production
  • Projects that don’t match with the charter of the fund

Please note 

  • You have to be a Danish resident or have a Danish co-producer to be considered for support
  • Economical support from Odense Film Workshop can’t be used to cover salaries for crew or rental of camera/lenses from miscellaneous rental companies.


We pay attention to:

  • How the project develops your talent
  • The quality of the story
  • That the project contributes to the film environment on Funen – e.g. by:
    • using crew that lives on Funen
    • that the applicant lives on Funen
    • shooting the film on Funen

Download templates

Download templates to help you with your budget or the planning of the production. You’ll also find some guidance on pitching, premise, and structure regarding the short film format.

Please note that all templates are in Danish.