Former Projects

From Stories of Funen to Dream Out Loud.

We have created a lot of projects throughout history – read more about them here.

Dream Out Loud

Dream Out Loud is a 45minute documentary revolving around the theme of nerds who dare to follow their passions instead of the traditional educational system. The documentary was supported by the Nordea Fund who granted 3,3 million kroner for the project, and the film toured Denmark in the summer of 2017.

Besides the documentary you can watch portraits of all the so-called “nerds” on our YouTube-channel.

Big City-films

As part of Odense’s transformation from town to city, five of our talents at the workshop created a film each anchored in different premises around the transformation-theme. Watch all the films at our YouTube-channel.

Find more films from Big City-film on our YouTube-channel.

Stories of Funen

Stories of Funen was a collaboration between Odense Film Workshop, DFI, SDU and Kulturregion Fyn in 2012. We gathered more than 100 stories from Funen and our local filmtalents turned four of them into short films. Watch the short films at our YouTube-channel.

Young Docs

Young Docs focus on the short documentary film and ran from 2009-2016. You can watch some of the films from the project on our YoTube-channel. The project is now featured in our courses-section at the name of Odense Docs.

Go Urban 2017

Go Urban seeks to contribute to a number of different cultural experiences and develop collaboration across the many arts related institutions in Odense. In addition it will allow participants a voice on Odense’s cultural scene.
In 2017, in cooperation with Odense Theatre, four female film directors each produced a 3 minute short film on the theme of “Robot”. Their films were screened as part of the theatre performance “Robot”, which premiered on May the 4th at Odense Theatre.

In 2018 we will work with Kansas City and the Funen Academy of Art under the name of: Pure Urban – Cultural Battle.

Find more films from Big City-film on our YouTube-channel.


“Naked” covers the theme of 12 European co-productions, which Odense Film Workshop supported back in 2012. On our YouTube-channel you can see a selection of the 12 films.

Pure Urban Cultural Battle 2018

The Funen Academy of Art, Kansas City, and Odense Film Workshop encouraged actors from these fields to work together and create offbeat productions.

The competition took place on Pure Festival on the 1st of June 2018.

As an inspiration to the actors we invited everyone to participate in three talks about how to mix the different fields of art.